Per usual, shout-out to my amazing husband for the best honeymoon I could have ever asked for. When planning our honeymoon, we knew that this is the one vacation we should splurge on, you only have a honeymoon once in your life (if you’re lucky). I really want to go to Italy, but we decided that we should do that vacation another time, not for our honeymoon. We knew after the stress of a wedding, we would want to just relax somewhere tropical.

I am definitely a beach lover, so nothing makes me happier than laying by the beach or pool with white sand, crystal clear water, and rose’ in my hand. Since this was the time to go on the best vacay ever, I started researching “Tropical Resort with private infinity pool.” I love infinity pools, and I wanted nothing more than to have our own private pool with an ocean view. I found Cocobay Resort, along with some others on a blog post. After doing some research, we found that Cocobay was the perfect fit. It’s an adults-only, which was perfect for a honeymoon.

When we arrived we were greeted by a beautiful view and rum punch. It was all-inclusive, so we could eat and drink as much as we wanted, and the food was top-notch. Breakfast and lunch were buffets, but buffets with amazing food. You could also get the nicest lady to make you a custom omelet, or eggs at breakfast. You could also order from a menu at lunch, if you prefer. They also had a bar by the pool where you can get drinks, of course, but they also had the most amazing paninis and plantain chips during lunch. We ended up eating at least one every day. 10/10 recommend if you are there. They also do bar bites in the afternoon. They have amazing flat bread, wings, and other delicious appetizers. There’s a clip of me in our youtube video down below chowing down on those wings.

Every morning you sign up for a time to eat dinner, and they have a different menu every night. The dining room for all meals was beautiful, overlooking the clear, blue ocean. All the staff were super friendly and they feel like family by the time you leave. Another thing that I personally loved about Cocobay was that it is not overcrowded. I love being able to relax, not a huge fan of crowds, and this was the perfect place for it. There are two infinity pools, and we were always able to find a secluded area to lay out. We also met some awesome couples from all over the world.

We enjoyed just relaxing, but you can also schedule many different activities. We scheduled a boat tour with Creole Antigua Tours They were great. We went to two snorkeling spots, one with tons of starfish!! They grilled us lunch on a secluded beach that had a beautiful mountainous overlook. Highly recommend doing one of there tours. You get so see so much of Antigua without having to get in a taxi or rent a car (we did neither while we were there.)

Go-pro & Drone Footage from our Trip

We also rented jetskis. The resort has kayaks and a hobbycat you can use free of charge, which we did, of course. We got a couples massage, and also booked the beach dinner. The food was incredible.