One thing many people don’t realize is how many wineries there are in North Carolina. The Yadkin Valley. North Carolina has more than 400 vineyards and 200 wineries.

My parents live in Wilkesboro, so my favorite thing to do when I visit them is go to some of my favorite wineries, and try new ones! Yesterday on the way home, Dan and I stopped at Piccione Vineyard. They have amazing wine, with a beautiful view of the mountains. It’s right beside Rafaldini Vineyard, which is my favorite in the Yadkin Valley.

When we left Charlotte yesterday it was 67 degrees, so I really wanted to wear my new dress from Bevello. I’m obsessed. I can’t wait for it to get warm so I don’t have to wear a jacket. Link to the dress below.

The cutest ruffle dress! And shoes are from Francesca’s.

We sat outside and had a bottle of rose’.

Piccione Vineyard

There are so many beautiful wineries and vineyards to visit in North Carolina, and I haven’t had the privilege to visit them all yet. Below are some photos from my favorite vineyards over the years.

With the decline in tobacco in North Carolina, grape growing and wine-making has increased significantly. North Carolina wineries, and their three grape growing regions and two AVAs, Yadkin and Swan Valleys, focus on a wide array of grapes to include labrusca, vinifera and French-American hybrids. North Carolina wineries and vineyards are located at a wide range of elevations; from 6000 feet in the western part of the state to sea level in the east, with an accompanying increase in average temperature. North Carolina is the birthplace of the scuppernong grape, and is home to one of the most visited wineries in the U.S., Biltmore Estates. Dozens of wineries are located within an hours drive of Raleigh and Charlotte. 

All Yadkin Valley Wineries

Adagio Vineyards

Allison Oaks Vineyards

Brandon Hills Vineyard

Brushy Mountain Winery

Carolina Heritage Vineyard and Winery

Cellar 4201

Chestnut Trail Vineyard

Childress Vineyards

Divine Llama Vineyards

Dobbins Creek Vineyard

Elkin Creek Vineyard

Flint Hill Vineyards

Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery

Hanover Park Vineyard

Herrera Vineyards

Hutton Vineyards

Jolo Winery & Vineyards

Jones vonDrehle Vineyards & Winery

Junius Lindsay Vineyard

Laurel Gray Vineyards

Lazy Elm Vineyard

McRitchie Winery & Ciderworks

Medaloni Cellars

MenaRick Vineyard & Winery

Misty Creek Vineyards

Native Vines Winery

Old North State Winery

Piccione Vineyards

Raffaldini Vineyards

Ragapple Lassie Vineyards & Winery

Raylen Vineyards

Round Peak Vineyards

Sanders Ridge Vineyard

Shadow Springs Vineyard

Shelton Vineyards

Slightly Askew Winery

Stony Knoll Vineyards

Surry Cellars

Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard and Winery

Weathervane Winery

Westbend Vineyards

Windsor Run Cellars