Can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my trip to Palm Springs, CA. This was a work trip, so a little bit different from my other travel blogs. I work at the Lowe’s Home Improvement Corporate Office. My title is “Product and Brand Senior Marketing Analyst.” Long way to say that I work on our Lowe’s private brands for home décor. This can include anything from branding, product development, design, trend, packaging, etc. Check out all of our allen + roth product in store and online. 😊

Anyways, I met with our marketing team that handles influencer marketing since that’s obviously an area that I’m interested in. I was trying to figure out ways we could partner and promote our home décor and private brand products. I offered my assistance to them and then there I was, going to Palm Springs.

It really was a lot of work and planning. Lowe’s decided to sponsor Altitude Summit, an influencer marketing conference. We had an outdoor booth featuring our colorful, private branded products. We did a dinner where we featured all Lowe’s products, and I put together mood boards and displays to show our attendees that Lowe’s has stylish and trendy home décor products. We also did an event with photographer Tessa Neustadt. She helped us style 3 vignettes and she taught the attendees how to style and shoot interiors. It was a huge success.

I had so much fun, but I was also working the whole time. We stayed at the V Palm Springs Hotel, which was very nice. I would highly suggest. The conference was held at the Saguaro. It was so colorful, and I just loved it. I would love to go back and stay there.

“We don’t need no bottle
Purple-colored lipgloss
Room with the Saguaro
Ain’t nowhere I would rather be
Right between your holidays
Coffee on the Flintstone
Jewelry on the ottoman”

-Bryce Vine

We hosted our Lowe’s dinner at the Ace Hotel, which I would highly suggest as well.

Dinner Suggestions: Brickworks Bistro, Eight4Nine, Workshop

Breakfast Suggestions: Broken Yolk Café, Ristretto, Townie Bagel

Hotel Suggestions: V Palm Springs, Ace Hotel, Saguaro

You have to visit the pink door when there. I couldn’t do a ton of “touristy” things. But if I went back, I would really just want to sit by the pool all day with the view of the mountains with rose’ in hand. The mountains there are crazy. I am from the mountains of North Carolina, and I’ve just never seen anything like it. It’s just so flat, warm, with palm trees, then BOOM, HUGE MOUNTAINS. It’s really cool. Napa Valley is very similar in that aspect.