Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. I’ve been planning my wedding for months now. Finding inspiration on Pinterest is a must. It was so hard for me to choose a direction. I love pink, so I knew that would be my color. But, I ended up seeing some wedding photos with chinoserie, or blue and white porcelain vases and fell in love. I then started searching all over the place to find more examples. I knew that I should go in this direction. It goes perfectly with pink flowers. It’s traditional, timeless, trendy, vintage, and goes perfectly with the vibe I’m going for.

I figured I would share my wedding mood boards. I’ve just been using powerpoint and adding all the photos from Pinterest and other blogs like Style Me Pretty as I come across them. I also gathered a lot of photos from my venue, Ritchie Hill. If you look at my Pinterest boards, I have a little bit of everything. Thing I plan on doing, and not. I wanted to have one place to save everything that goes with the look I’m going for. This is great to have to send to your wedding day coordinator, florist, anyone who needs to understand the look you’re going for. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: These are not my photos. They have been gathered from other outlets like Pinterest.